It was Peggy Miles’ wish that Lost Corner be forever designated as a passive nature preserve.  This means it can not accommodate active recreation activities such as ballfields, playgrounds, jogging etc.  The Trust for Public Land formalized her wishes in the deed restriction. That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to enjoy and do on the property.  There are just under a mile of trails.  The start of the trail is just off the parking lot.    There is a lot of wildlife to be enjoyed.  Here are a few things you will see.

Wildlife:  foxes, turtles, wild turkeys, raccoons, coyotes, snakes, opossums, birds of prey (red tailed and cooper’s hawks), many species of birds, rabbits and a heard of 5 or more deer.

Trees: White Oaks (how can you miss them!!), black walnut, pecan, river birch, dogwood, beech, loblolly pines, southern magnolias, holly, sweetgum, hemlock, and tulip poplar.

Native Plants: quince, cherokee rose, confederate rose, trillium, bloodroot, hearts-a-bustin, lady slippers, trout lilies, and balm flower.


LC Trail Map