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Throw Back Thursday History Lectures
.... We're Talking Way Back!
Check out our Spring 2023 scheduled lectures.and see below for some of our previous lecture offerings. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about all of the things going on at Lost Corner. Click HERE.

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Moonshine In Sandy Springs
Tuesday, March 21 7:00-8:30PM

Busting up moonshine operations was not unheard of in Sandy
Springs during the 1940s and rumor has it that one remains hidden
under Lost Corners trails! Learn more about the fascinating and
scandalous history of moonshine and prohibition in Sandy Springs.
The event is free, but registration is required. Donations are


Chattahoochee River Crossings

The Chattahoochee River predates even the earliest natives to our area, who lived here as early as 6,000 BC.  For several centuries it was part of the boundary of the Creek and Cherokee lands.  It became the northern and western boundary of Indian treaties made between 1818 and 1821 as the state expanded its settled lands into our area.  The river has long presented a barrier and an opportunity to those who live on its banks.  Many have made a name for themselves by meeting that challenge.  Some of those names persist today.

Roswell Bridge 1920 small.jpg

The Natural History of Sandy Springs

Learn about the ecology of this area before and after the European settlers arrived. A non-human perspective of which species disappeared, which ones benefited and what was introduced as the forest was replaced by agriculture.


Isaac Roberts and the Roswell Railroad

Come and learn about Oak Grove (Sandy Springs) as it started down the long, painful path of Reconstruction post-Civil War.  One of the first orders of business for recovery was to repair the existing railroads and revive those railroad projects that had been stalled by the war.  One such project was the Roswell Railroad, designed to run from northern Sandy Springs to Chamblee.  The railroad operated almost 40 years- from 1881 to 1920.  One man, Isaac Roberts, was in charge of the railroad for all 39 years of operation.  Roberts played a vital role not just in the railroad, but in the reconstruction of the entire area, including the creation of two new cities—Dunwoody and Chamblee.  This lecture will offer a fascinating insight into the man, his home and his railroad.

Spring Ecology Of Sandy Springs

Come join us as Alan Toney, Master Naturalist, gives us an exciting glimpse of what is happening in our parks and our own back yards each spring.  Learn to listen for and identify what might be propagating, growing and foraging right before our very eyes—owls to listen for, baby box turtles, emerging insects, busy pollinators and fawns following does across our yards and streets.  Of course, this lecture would not be complete without a crash course in how to identify the snakes in our area.  Learn who we want to come live in our yards and who we might want to avoid!

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