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EXPLORE: Lost Corner Sandy Springs, Georgia

If you missed our exhibit launch on Tuesday May 16th, 2023 you can still see it when it travels to nearby public spaces in and around Sandy Springs. Click the green Get our Newsletter button at the top of this page to stay up to date on where to find this exhibit next.

This exhibit and programming shares the history of Lost Corner as a living time capsule of our state’s history. Spanning 3,000 years of human civilization: from Native American inhabitants to 19th c. Euro-American settlers, through today’s suburban neighborhoods Lost Corner gives us some important clues to the history of Sandy Springs. There is virtually a complete record of ownership, with few changes over time as the property has had 2 owners since the Native Americans inhabited the land. Attend to hear more about Lost Corner from Historian Melissa Swindell. FREE!  

LC Cottage in Snow_preview.jpeg

The Growth of Sandy Springs: 1870-1960

Tuesday May 14th 2024 7:00pm-8:30pm

This talk covers the period of slow recovery after the Civil War and the reestablishment of the farming community.  Watch as the area evolves from a struggling agricultural one into a playground retreat for some of Atlanta’s wealthiest families and then further into a bedroom community in the mid 1900’s. Clarke Otten bring his vast knowledge of Sandy Springs history to life in this informative lecture. Click HERE to register for this free lecture.

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