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Photo Galleries show off all of our favorite things at lost corner

You can not take a bad picture at Lost Corner.  There are so many great things to see.  Find some of our favorite photos taken by our board in the left gallery and see what blooms from Spring to Fall in the right gallery. Go to Lost Corner and see all of this beauty for yourself.


If you take a picture that you love, send it to us at and we'll put it on display here.  Include your name so we can credit you.  Thank you to Dark Rush Photography for sharing some of their pictures.

Here are some of the interesting things to look for if you bring your camera.

Wildlife:  foxes, turtles, wild turkeys, raccoons, coyotes, snakes, opossums, birds of prey (red tailed and cooper’s hawks), many species of birds, rabbits and a heard of 5 or more deer.

Trees: White Oaks (how can you miss them!!), black walnut, pecan, river birch, dogwood, beech, loblolly pines, southern magnolias, holly, sweetgum, hemlock, and tulip poplar.

Native Plants: quince, Cherokee rose, confederate rose, trillium, bloodroot, hearts-a-busting, lady slippers, trout lilies, and balm flower.

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